our Approach


Robazzo is a design agency of young, cool creatives who know how to make your brand look good, attracting and engaging your audience in today’s attention-competitive market.

The coming together of our team’s diverse areas of expertise makes it possible for our very small team to tackle a very big number of design problems, always with one underlying goal: the aim to amaze.

We do the stuff that people talk about and don’t forget.

We have lots of experience bringing brands to the next level with our diverse set of services, and we’d love to help you with your brand next!


our Team

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Andrew Azzopardi & Christina Robev


Christina (Tinka) Robev and Andrew Azzopardi are graduates of the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, where they met in 2012. The couple, who have over 15 years combined experience in the field of architecture and design, moved to Victoria in early 2014, quickly fell in love with the city, and began flexing their creative muscles. Soon, Studio Robazzo (Robev + Azzopardi) was born. While Christina is fascinated with foreign languages (she speaks 6) and graphic design, Andrew is a self-described “parametric design and digital fabrication junkie” as well as an electronic musician and card magician.

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Rory McDonald


BA Design for Industry, Northumbria University

Backpacking, drawing, cuisine, off-grid living

Newcastle, UK

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Alejandro Rojas

Fabrication Manager

Bachelor of Visual Design, Univerisidad Panamericana

Photography, astrology, modeling, travel, foreign languages

Bogota, Colombia


Our Values

  1. Aim for Amazement

    Our most obvious focus is creating functional beauty for our clients and their users. Our work demonstrates attention to every detail, including material, colour, texture, form, transparency, weight and size, and the way in which these factors weave together to inspire a sense of wonder in the observer. These, however, are just the basics. We use robots and algorithms to bring ideas to life and create the coolest possible stuff for your audience to remember you by.

  2. honest integrity

    Because we like to make sure everything is fair and professional, we are committed to maintaining honesty, integrity and transparency in our relationships with our clients, staff and collaborators. We strive to treat everyone around us with respect and communicate clearly at every stage of the process.

  3. environmental, social & economic Sustainability

    We know the earth needs protection now more than over, and we make daily decisions to reduce our footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet. We always strive to use natural materials (primarily wood and corn-based 3D printing filament), and won the Vancouver Island Eco-Star Award in 2016 for sustainable manufacturing.