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Robazzo@Night: EtheREAL AtmospHERE

  • Studio Robazzo 2001-F Douglas St Victoria, BC Canada (map)

EtheREAL AtmospHERE is a celebration of inward and outward journeys.
Join us for an evening of holistic sensory delight, as we listen to the high-vibrational sounds of Ocian's crystal singing bowls and DJ Anchor Hill, taste nutritious & delicious snacks from Simmer Foods, quench our thirst with probiotic-packed Unity Jun, and feast our eyes on intricate wood carved artwork by Wood Vibes Tribe.

Are you ready to go with the Flo?

Breathe deep, and really be here.

Ocian Flo's cross-Canada Sound Seed Medicine Journey launches here with a series of sound-activated workshops, and will progress in to a launch and farewell celebration.

EVENING ~ $11-22 sliding scale; 9pm~

ANCHOR HILL will play us in to the night with soul-try beats to get us moving down to our soles.
the WOOD VIBE TRIBE will adorn our walls with intricate and enigmatic wood carvings.
UNITY JUN and SIMMER FOODS provide refreshments and snacks that are soul good!

- - -

WORKSHOPS ~ $22-44 sliding scale; 5-9pm
5-5:15- welcome
Qi Gong with Sean T Fox

Rewilding From Within - Dance Yourself Free with Christy Greenwood

Root into the Earth, Blossom towards the sun and dance yourself free on this rewilding journey through the chakras. Get your transformational groove on with breath, sound and moving meditation. Prepare to dance your heart out!

7:45-9pm SoundSeed Medicine Journey with Ocian Flo
SoundSeed Medicine Journeys can be described as a shamanic experience. Laying down, participants can go into a deep almost a trance-like state. Ocian begins with the soft sounds of the Koshi Chimes and the reminder to breath while the body softens tention and finds relaxation. A moment of stillness brings in the crystal bowls in with the aniticipation of the Harmonic Language through her beautiful voice. This Language speaks completely differently to each individual present depending on what the participant is ready to hear. The journey will last just under an hour. Towards the end, the lyre or the pyramid is sounded over bodies which furthers the participants release or alignment of all aspects of being. Afterwards, there is inregration and sharing time.

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Sean T Fox:

Christy Greenwood: Christy Greenwood helps evolutionaries explore their growth edges and navigate emerging awareness through BodyMind Medicine Sessions, massage therapy, holistic bodywork and dance journeys. She is currently creating a playful and potent Rewilding From Within online guided journey.

Ocian Flo: Ocian is an energy artist, visionary, community builder, and spiritual activist working with groups and individuals to share experiences that build a conscious and self-empowered global community. Ocian uses Sound Medicine as a branch of energy work. Using beautiful vocal toning and crystal singing bowl frequencies, she works to find balance in the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. She practices claraudience and channels the ancient Harmonic Language which is used to bring remembrance to the power of Self-Awareness.