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Rewarding Thinklandia Project


Creative problem solving is at the heart of what Studio Robazzo does in our day-to-day operations. We love to be given challenges that test our ability to think outside, around and under the box. Last month we were approached by Thinklandia, a local festival of ideas and innovation, to design and produce six awards for the inaugural recognition of the Mayor’s Medal Awards. This low-budget, fast turn-around project was a great test of our skills as creative problem solvers. Our process, materials and designs all changed many times, and in the end we were rewarded with six unique and beautifully executed designs.

We are deeply inspired by the materials that we choose for our projects, and in this case we were lucky enough to be able to find a use for a material at the end of its productive life: marble dust was salvaged from Vancouver Island Marble, in Duncan. Large slabs of marble are shipped from quarries around the island to their workspace in Duncan, and are cut down to slabs which will become countertops. The cutting process produces a fine marble dust and water slurry that is collected and then disposed of. The particular piece of marble our dust came from was quarried in Tahsis, west of Campbell River. We used the dust in combination with a resin in order to produce the forms we designed.

 The elegant forms are designed to individually mimic the principles of the categories they represent. Interrupting the natural structure of the wood with the crafted forms in cold-cast marble speaks to the relationship between the individual acting upon, and in reaction to, their environment. Like the actions celebrated in the award winners, novel changes to the environment reveal new perspectives, creating inspiration.


The Mayor’s Medal Awards was a great project that tested our design and problem solving skills. Seeing the whole Thinklandia event come together was amazing; everyone involved is dedicated, innovative and forward-thinking. We are so fortunate in Victoria that free events like this are pushing the boundaries of public meeting, learning and celebration spaces. Massive shout-outs to the team at Thinklandia for putting on a truly inspiring event.