Studio Robazzo
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Throwback Thursday: FernFest!

This time last year, Studio Robazzo was still in its infancy. We were working out of our living rooms and the back room of a furniture store in our spare time. We had just begun experimenting with driftwood, and were in the process of refining our techniques and producing new iterations of our jewellery ideas.

FernFest was our first official public appearance, and what better place for it than the neighbourhood we call home? This festival was the push we needed to put the finishing touches on our jewellery line, and to solidify our goals as a business. It was a whirlwind of fabricating, planning, designing, hauling and selling, and we were so exhausted that we didn't even get the chance to check out the other awesome events at FernFest. Although we won't be participating in this year's FernFest market, we are thankful for everything we learned last year, and hope that this year is even more successful.

Go check out FernFest this weekend, and stop by Studio Robazzo on Friday night for your taste of live art and music, as we showcase this year's Art Battle winners.