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Robazzo@Night - RE:Locate

Robazzo@Night is setting the bar for Victoria's art scene, curating events with emerging local artists, musicians, performers and chefs. Re:Locate examined our relationship to space and place, and specifically our understanding of art in space. Is art necessarily bound to the space it is hosted in, or created in? What does art look like outside the traditional contexts of museums and public art spaces?  What kind of a relationship do you have with your city, and the art it produces? Your country? The featured artists for January's Robazzo@Night engaged with these questions through photography, poetry and art.

Assignment is Victoria's newest urban photography magazine, produced by a local crew of talented young eyes. In their first issue, the photographers are assigned to introduce themselves, and their shots establish a sense of perspective and personality. Flipping through the magazine allows you to see the city from six unique perspectives. The city is not simply the static buildings we see it as: new perspectives reveal secret views of sleek geometry, unexpected foliage and surprising details. Space and its interpretation are fluid; the city is in the eye of the beholder.  

Spiraling Towards Center is an epic journey poem in the style of Dr. Seuss, inspired by the 2015 Shambhala Music Festival. Nomadic poet Duncan Ireland has traveled across Western Canada with the manuscript of Spiraling, editing and growing the art and poetry as he visited various studios, art galleries and other creative spaces. Spiraling questions the importance of place in art: although initially created in, and about, the experience of a very specific place, the story is universal, literally nomadic, and explicitly open for re-interpretation and collaboration. Ireland has read the black light reactive manuscript to individuals and communities across the country, cultivating a piece of art as mobile and adaptable as its caretaker. Spiraling invites us to re-imagine art as a travelling story; as something that evolves and grows with the people and communities that it engages.

Ireland shares Spiraling Towards Center with audiences small and large.

Ireland shares Spiraling Towards Center with audiences small and large.

Our oculus installation transported the viewer to aerial views of Manhattan, placing them in a new context questioning our attachment to the space we are in. How will the world change when VR technology allows us to travel anywhere in the blink of an eye? How will our understanding of space and attachment to place change? 

The gallery opening was a resounding success: many prints sold, and the first printing of the publication sold out before the event ended late in the evening. The Assignment crew helped us to create an event that was classy but relaxed, featuring the sounds of DJ Venom that kept everyone dancing. Local chef Jordan Johnson provided street food classics: hand pies and tacos, to suit the urban feeling created by the photos and hip hop tunes. Studio Robazzo is very proud of everyone involved with the Assignment crew who came together to organize, build and run an event that was thoughtful, engaging, thematic and fun! Special thanks to everyone who came out to support our arts community. Stay tuned for more from the Assignment crew in 6 months, and the next Robazzo@Night event in a month's time. 

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