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Introducing Stalaglight: An Aurora-Powered, Sound-Responsive Geometric Sculpture

Our most recent installation piece, the nine-foot-tall StalagNight inspired by geological rock formations found in nature, has been rebuilt better, stronger, and much more mesmerising, thanks to the help of Limbic Media's Aurora sound-responsive lighting system, named after the stunning Aurora Borealis effect which happens as a result of electromagnetic waves moving through the earth's atmosphere. Even Mother Nature didn't have the idea to put these things together, but we did, and here it is. Video footage & editing by local company Astros Media.

Introducing: the interactive StalagLight Sculpture

Those who follow our social media posts have seen the StalagNight before. It was originally constructed as an illuminated sculpture for the West Shore Arts Council “Light up the Hills” Festival in September. Created using parametric design, the installation is unique from every angle. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side, and the entire structure eventually had to be reconstructed piece by piece. If you missed our blog post about the “Light up the Hills” event, you can check it out here

Rebirth of the Stalagnight

Lululemon Victoria approached us in October to recreate the StalagNight for the launch party of their Mayfair Mall holiday pop-up shop, and so reconstruction on the sculpture began. A collaboration with our neighbours Limbic Media had been in the works for a while, and this project seemed like a natural fit. The clean lines of the tessellated StalagNight contrast the soft glow of Limbic’s Aurora system, providing a solid frame for the responsive lights, resulting in the new and improved StalagLight system. 

Limbic Media creates interactive public art, and is an inventive technological force in the city. Their mesmerizing sound-reactive Aurora lighting system has recently been on display illuminating a tree at Centennial Square, in the heart of Victoria. With Limbic’s surreal sound reactive lighting the StalagNight installation truly comes to life, becoming not just a static sculpture, but a dynamic creation that responds to the environment. All night at the opening party, guests were clapping, yelling and singing at the StalagLight, shaping a playful and memorable experience.

Next up, the StalagLight will be installed at the new Windy Tree shop on Fort Street downtown Victoria. It will also be at the Royal BC Museum on November 23rd for UnExpected Conversations #4: Cultivating Creative Culture. Don’t miss the chance to engage this phenomenal panel of local artists, programmers and innovators on the subject of public art and creative innovation.