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Babble Bar Language Exchange

Graphics for the event were designed in-house (of course) by our talented co-founder Tinka!

Graphics for the event were designed in-house (of course) by our talented co-founder Tinka!

On November 3, 2016, we opened our doors to the local community in a brand new way.

Studio Robazzo presents: Babble Bar Language Exchange

The by-donation event was promoted via Facebook, Couchsurfing & good old fashioned postering as an international language exchange group whereby members meet to practice languages they are learning, brush up on their native language skills and make friends from around the world. With over 60 attendees and at least 10 languages present, it's safe to say that the first installation of the Babble Bar Language Exchange was a success!

Strangers from near and far gathered in our cozy space to share stories about themselves and their life experiences in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, American Sign Language, and of course, English. There were no formal introductions, icebreaker games or participation rules. Rather, the organic flow of conversation took hold of the evening, and before long, Studio Robazzo was buzzing with excited chatter.

The idea came from Studio Robazzo's co-founder Christina Robev, a 6-language polyglot who has been to a similar style event in her native Toronto. Seeing that Victoria lacked such an opportunity to practice and freshen up on foreign languages, she took matters into her own hands and organized this inaugural "pilot" event. Because the turnout and interest have been so strong, Babble Bar will become a recurring monthly gathering starting in January 2017, with the potential to grow into a large and familiar community of linguistic enthusiasm and new friendship in the city.

Many thanks to Astros Media for the beautiful photographs

To be kept up to date on future Babble Bar events and goings-on, follow this link to the official Babble Bar Facebook Group and join us!