Canuck Place Pop-Up

The Challenge

The management team at F2F Direct Consulting was seeking a novel and interactive way to raise awareness about their charitable client, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in Vancouver. They knew that their banner & folding table setup had to change in order to attract new donors, but they didn’t know what to use instead. The Robazzo team began with a thorough research phase to understand the marketing psychology of the target audience, which would go on to inform the design of the finished piece.

Our Approach

Knowing that parents of young children are the most likely to understand and sympathize with the cause, we got to work designing a pop-up playhouse that would be irresistible to anyone under 4’ tall. We used bright brand colours and mirrored surfaces to catch kids’ attention, added magnetic surfaces inside for them to stick around and play, and incorporated a photo-op window for parents to snap cute shots of their kids in the playhouse.

The Result

The result is a fun & approachable representation of the Canuck Place brand, designed for maximum engagement and enjoyment by participants. Convenience was also achieved; the whole structure takes just a few minutes to set up and tear down, and fits into the back of an SUV when disassembled, for easy transportation between events and public spaces where it will be displayed.