Cera Korean Restaurant

The Challenge

CERA Korean Restaurant, by the same owners as the popular NUBO Japanese Tapas on Pandora St, opened its doors in the newly transformed Janion building in early 2019. Having already supplied the owner & contractor with material palettes and furniture recommendations for the space, we were tasked with designing and fabricating a feature element that would give diners a unique experience en route to the bathroom at the back of the restaurant. We were also asked to take food photographs and design a website for the new establishment to show off its menu to the public.

Our Approach

We opted for a vertically oriented waffle structure, inspired by the feeling of walking down a bamboo forest path and designed using parametric algorithms. The hallway installation is composed of incrementally differing fins, which are rotated to emphasize the shape and density of the undulating form.

The Result

From a person’s first impression of the website homepage to that moment at the end of dinner when they take a selfie in the bathroom hallway, the CERA brand offers a unique and cohesive experience.