StalagNight Sculpture

The Challenge

In 2016, we were invited to take part in Light up the Hills: a family-friendly lantern festival organized by the West Shore Arts Council in Langford, BC. We had a small budget to work with, and set out to create a digitally-derived beacon of light.

Our Approach

Inspired by the organic geological forms of stalagmites deep inside ancient caves, this dynamic piece evokes a natural and prehistoric form while exemplifying modern technologies and building methods. Designed using computational algorithms and fabricated with a laser cutter, the finished piece looked nearly identical to its’ digital 3D model counterpart.

The Result

Different from every angle, the StalagNight sculpture succeeded in creating awe and wonder for those who stumbled upon it. The piece went on to be featured at several local events — often in tandem with the sound-responsive Aurora Lighting system from Limbic Media — including at LuLuLemon, The Royal BC Museum, and Social Media Camp.