TED Activation

The Challenge

In early 2018, we were approached by ConnectSeven, an event planning organization based in Vancouver, to design an elegant space partition installation at TED2018: The Age of Amazement. They were faced with the problem of creating intimate moments within the gargantuan hall of the Vancouver Convention Centre, and needed something that would break up the space without being clunky or awkward.

Our Approach

We used parametric algorithms to design a tessellated parabolic screen measuring 22' long by 7.5' tall and composed of 332 laser-cut triangles, and then we built three of them. To connect pieces together, we used 1,200 ft of hickory wood dowels, routed to specific angles with the invention and use of a custom 3D printed table saw jig. This project specifically pushed us to innovate new ways of fabrication and problem-solve our way to the finish line.

The Result

“We wanted to create a visual impact in the ‘quiet areas’ of the TED2018 Closing Celebration. We gave Robazzo a brief to create dividing walls that would be visually appealing and also bring height to the space. Robazzo used their innovative digital design process to create custom walls that not only added height and created separate seating pods, but their unique and complex design also added visual appeal and an extra level of dimension to the space. VIP guests enjoyed the quiet seating areas in what now felt like a thoroughly designed experience and the walls themselves became a talking point.”

- Emma Parston, ConnectSeven Group