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We're a multi-disciplinary design studio with a lot of different skills.
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Industrial design

With a background in architecture and a passion for hands-on design, our team has a diverse set of skills and a serious knack for problem-solving. This makes us the perfect team to tackle your industrial design needs, whether you need a custom object for your office, packaging or retail displays for your new product, or one-of-a-kind furniture for your home.

Interior Design

More than choosing wall colours and placing furniture, we aim to create a cohesive interior experience. Thinking outside the box is our default, which is why you won't see us pull out a catalogue of standard counter top finishes, wall treatments or fixtures. We cater to each and every client's unique needs, and develop gossip-worthy concepts for home and business alike. 

Graphic Design

Our graphic design department is capable of producing just about everything you might need to market your business, product or event. From logos, business cards, flyers and posters to websites, product packaging and program booklets, we've got you covered. Past clients include TEDx Victoria, The Greater Victoria Festival Society, Victoria Film Festival, and more.

Laser Cutting

We have our very own in-house laser cutter and provide custom and affordable laser cutting & engraving to the community. Our laser cutter can cut through most materials less than 1/4" thick, with a maximum width of 24". Because of two feed-through slots, the length of material which can be engraved is virtually limitless.

prototyping & fabrication

Have an idea in your mind but need help with physical prototyping or fabrication? Our team has all the skills necessary to bring just about any idea into reality, using manual as well as digital fabrication technologies, all while maintaining beautiful and modern aesthetics.

white void
photo studio

The White Void is a dramatic 18ft high shadowless photography studio, with a built-in cyclorama. It offers photographers a huge pure white background perfect for a wide range of photo shoots from editorial and product photography to family portraits and personal head shots. 



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