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Iterating on Placemaking Opportunities in #YYJ

The communal development of public infrastructure based on the immediate physical and social environment is known as “placemaking”: a philosophy and practice that creates urban spaces enjoyed by tourists and community members alike. Studio Robazzo was recently given the opportunity to participate in an exercise in placemaking; read on to find out more about our design-competition-entry-turned-build project, placemaking and “tactical urbanism.”

#YYJ Ship Point Pop-Up Presents: Pointy Pop-Up Ships

The City of Victoria recently held a pop-up design competition to build a temporary improvement along the inner harbour, as part of the ongoing revitalization of the David Foster Harbour Pathway. Our design was a modular microcosm of Victoria's many iconic features, including the steps of Centennial square, ample green spaces and plant features, a lending library, and a square of sand mimicking our peninsula's many beaches. 

Robazzo@Night - RE:Locate

Re:Locate examined our relationship to space and place, and specifically our understanding of art in space. Is art necessarily bound to the space it is hosted in, or created in? What does art look like outside the traditional contexts of museums and public art spaces?  What kind of a relationship do you have with your city, and the art it produces? Your country? Featuring brand new photography publication Assignment, DJVenom, locally made food and a reading of the travelling poem, Spiraling Towards Center.

Impactful Installations at TEDxVictoria5

TEDx is a brand known the world over for leading edge talks and performances that inspire, educate and spread great ideas. So when the organizers of TEDxVictoria, our local TED satellite event, approached us for a full design partnership we were excited and motivated to create something cohesive and captivating. Taking on a major design partnership like this was an extremely valuable experience for us a studio. We were able to sculpt the entire aesthetic feel of TEDx, giving us a wide range of experience in print design, wayfinding, and large-scale installation work.

Fashion Splash 2015

Victoria’s Fashion Splash has hit its stride in its second year. Following up a highly successful launch in 2014, the production team behind Fashion Splash took Victoria’s freshest fashion show to the next level this year. The event grew this year to include a VIP pre-party for the designers, models, photographers and distinguished guests. Hosted by Studio Robazzo, the Deconstructed Fashion Show was a celebration of local fashion and artistic culture...

Un.Expected Conversations : Demystifying Making

We are entrepreneurs. We're makers. We're enterprising. We build things. We export our genius around the globe. We make music and create art that could easily be on the world stage. We are amazing and awesome. But. We don't talk about this enough. When Mayor Lisa Helps visited our studio a few months ago, we did not know what to expect...

Sarah McFadzen
Urban Therapy (Vol. 2)

 Studio Robazzo has been host to a variety of events already in our brief 3-month tenure. We have hosted art gallery nights, fundraisers, workshops and parties, and pride ourselves on the versatility of our offerings. Two weeks ago, we pushed the limits of what we thought was possible in the space, to (spoiler alert!) great success. The scale and speed of this transformation was unlike anything I had ever seen...

Pulling Together with the Sierra Club and YELP

Last Saturday was a record-breaking day for Studio Robazzo. We had the great pleasure of hosting the youth chapter of the Sierra Club BC for their fundraiser in support of the Pull Together campaign, and they filled the studio to the rafters with supporters. The Pull Together campaign organizes various community events to amass funds for the First Nations communities currently in legal campaigns against the Northern Gateway pipeline...

Sarah McFadzen
Founder Power! : Robazzo wins $1000 award for product video

Studio Robazzo is excited to announce that one of our co-founders, Christina, has been awarded $1000 for completing an informative product video about our Elate Clean Cosmetics display. 

Through the University of Waterloo, Christina is participating in the Enterprise Co-Op program which allows students to pursue entrepreneurship while earning credits towards their degree...

Studio Robazzo's Grand Opening

Studio Robazzo received an incredible welcome from our community at our opening event on March 27th.  We have been in our space on Douglas and Pembroke for a month and a half now, and the studio is looking more and more like the playground/office we have been imagining...

Sarah McFadzen